Friday, October 26, 2012

How Many Times Do I Have to Clarify?

Now how many times do I have to clarify why I do not respond to all your comments personally? Well, I will say it once again, that I live in a fucking Islamic country, and Robert Spencer himself advised me not to post on my blog myself, so each time I want to voice my views, I just write an article and then email it to Bob to just put it up on my blog so in case some psychopath Islamist wants to track me down to kill me, he can never do that by the IP or whatever way they are supposed to track people down.

I would like to thank everyone for their very inspiring and encouraging comments or at least most of them are, some like skouti really do not make much of a difference. As they say, you can’t shut up every barking dog on the street.

Regarding Islam being a peaceful religion, that is precisely what I believed in most of my life, and that is why I was a practising Muslim. I thought Islam means peace and that there is no compulsion in religion because that is what the Quran says. Little did I know that those peaceful verses were later abrogated by the harsh and deadly ones which ordered the Muslims to kill the non Muslims wherever they found them. I had no idea whatsoever that Islam encouraged adultery, that is, men can have sex with slave women and also they can beat up their wives. There was a hell of a lot which I did not know, hence I was proud being a Muslim. It is all thanks to Ali Sina and his website and then his book that I found out the truth about Islam and its founder, the self proclaimed prophet Mohammed. Then I read Robert Spencer’s book “The Truth about Mohammed,” which further made me decision firmer to leave Islam.

Now for the last one year exactly, I have been an apostate of Islam, which means no praying, no fasting, no quran recition (which by the way was so dead boring), no zakat, no nothing. I could not have been happier, but then there was something missing for which I was a bit sad, since I could not exactly pin point what it was till I met John and he showed me the path that leads to Christ. Ever since I have accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and saviour, I could not have asked for more. I am in total bliss since April this year and I owe it all to my John; not only did he show me the right path, but he has promised to hold my hand for as long as we both live. He has been extremely loving and supportive and even faced the wrath of my family with his unfaltering love and faith in me and in our relationship.

I would request all of you to go back and read some of my old articles in which I have mentioned about the hateful verses of the Quran which condemn the Jews and Christians, and how it commands the Muslims to either kill them or enslave them.

Islam is a hateful religion, sorry, I mean a cult which was created by a psychopath for his own benefit, and I am sure he never himself believed that it would survive for so many centuries.

I would request all Muslims to please wake up and see what you are doing. You are worshipping the devil himself. Mohammed was nothing but anti Christ himself and so was Hitler. There were so many similarities between the two, in fact Quran is quite a bit like Mein Kampf. Gosh, I just hope they are both burning in hell side by side… Amen.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An update

It has been over three months since my last post, when I had written about how my family had disowned me when I had introduced them to John and told them about our relationship and our future plans. Well, a lot has happened since then, and I don't know where to begin. As you guys know, John left for UK first week of July, and then I joined him third week, and then I had the most amazing holiday of my life. We stayed in London for few days, then went to Wales, then back to England, then went to France, Germany and Belgium, back to London and then back home to the lousy Middle East. The good news is that John and I went to the registrar's in London and applied for a marriage permit, which is valid for a year, so now we are planning to get married next summer and then go away on a long honeymoon to Spain and Italy.

Ever since we got engaged, my life has been absolutely bliss, to say the least. John is the most considerate and loving man I have ever known in my life. In the past I have dated a bunch of Muslim morons who didn't know the first thing about respecting a woman. I have been through so many abusive relationships that sometimes I feel like pinching myself to see whether I am dreaming because no one can be this nice to me. He treats me like a queen and showers me with so much love and affection that I almost forget that I don't have a family anymore. He is all the family I have and I feel so grateful to God that he sent him to my life at a time when I was totally lost and had no direction whatsoever. Not only did he show me the true path that leads to God, but he has held my hand since then.

All my life I dreamt of the perfect man, a perfect marriage and perfect kids. I dreamt how my parents would dote on their son in law and their grandkids. Little did I know that I would meet the perfect man of my dreams, but my parents would never accept him as part of their family -- let alone that, they even cut me out of their lives completely. It hurts like hell, but there is nothing I can do and frankly, I can't blame them, because it is not them, it the cult of bastard Mohammed which is making them do all this to their own daughter. Each and every day, I just feel so sad when I think of the good old days when I was growing up with so much love from my family, and now I am no more than a stranger to them, all because of one self proclaimed prophet and his imaginary Allah. It is not fair at all, and I just can’t help feel sorry for my parents for their stupidity. They are blind, deaf and dumb because they just can’t see beyond Islam, and there is no way I can ever tell them that Islam is false, it’s a man made religion and Mohammed was a psychopath, a liar, and you guys are cutting off ties with your own daughter for some lunatic who died 1400 years ago.

This is sad but true, I have a man who makes me very happy, but at the same time, I don’t have a family anymore. I just wish and pray to God that I get my own family very soon. Maybe once I get my child, I would not feel this void in my life.