Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Bourne Supremacy

Even when I was a Muslim, I often used to wonder why the hell these Muslims are so proud of themselves and their legacy. They have always taken it for granted that they would be the ones to enter heaven and the rest would burn in hell fire for eternity. I used to wonder how could the God almighty judge someone just based on their beliefs and not their good deeds. In school, my teachers used to tell us that no matter how many crimes a Muslim person committed, as long as he or she did not commit the unthinkable crime 'Shirk', he would eventually enter paradise, once he had done with his share of punishment in his temporary abode, the hell. In other words, a Muslim has a confirmed one way ticket to heaven, whereas a Non-Muslim is doomed to be in hell for eternity.

Last weekend, I was out of town visiting my uncle and his family for couple of days, and to say that it was sheer torture is an understatement. Each time I meet my family and relatives, I realize it more and more that they are totally nuts, psychopaths in fact, just like their cult leader Mo.  One day at breakfast my cousin was reading out some article about Bill Gates and his philanthropic acts. Between 2007 and 2011, he has spent 28 billion US dollars in charity and saved millions of lives. I was obviously very pleased and praised him wholeheartedly, to which my uncle said with a huge sigh, "It is a real pity that such good deeds of his will go in vain, because no matter what he does, he would eventually burn in hellfire for eternity unless he realizes the truth before he dies and says the shahada".  I was really shocked, to say the least. How could my favorite uncle, a top notch surgeon, say such a crappy thing about someone? Then I remembered that no matter how educated you are, once you are a Muslim, you are in some ways a brain dead zombie. As if there are two compartments in a Muslim man's mind: one deals with wordly affairs, logic, education, knowledge, intelligence and intellect, whereas the other compartment is totally one tracked, having an irrational obsession with Mohammed and his absurd idiosyncrasies. There was a lot that I wanted to say to my uncle, but then I thought, what the heck, it won't make a difference anyway, plus it would lead to an argument, which I did not want to get into lest I arouse his suspicion regarding my beliefs.

Then today at work, I came across something really weird. I was visiting a colleague in my building whom I had not seen for some time. We had lunch together and then I went to use the restroom. As soon as I saw the huge sign on the bathroom door, I just burst into a hysterical laugh. There was a Quranic ayaat with English translation and a hadeeth below as well. The ayaat went like this: "Oh Allah, please protect me from the devil who dwells in dirty places" and then the hadeeth below said enter with your right foot as prophet used to do it. Once I was done, I saw a similar sign inside the toilet door saying something similarly stupid, thanking Allah for his blessing and then another hadeeth saying please exit using your left foot first... I was flabbergasted, to say the least.. A multi national company posting such embarrassingly lame signs outside the public toilet is really pushing it too far.

My idiot Egyptian colleague was telling me the other day how fortunate we are that we are born Muslims and we should thank Allah the almighty in whatever way we can that he has given us the special status of being Muslims and that he has made paradise just for us. He went on about how damned the Christians and Jews are because they had a chance back then and even now they have a chance to see the truth but they are blind, deaf and dumb.

I remember when I was in school, we had a few Christian and Hindu students back then in late 1980's. I attended the local Pakistani school here, which also had a few non Muslim Pakistani students, which comprise a very small minority. It used to be around 20 percent at the time of partition, but now, thanks to the forced conversion, torture and rape of non Muslim women by Muslim men, they have come down to merely 2 percent of the total population of Pakistan. Anyway, those few girls and boys in my class who were not among us had to face a lot of crap in class, even from the teachers, who treated them very shabbily. They would never miss an opportunity to insult them and make them feel subjugated, as per the Quranic law. Even back then, I used to feel terribly sorry for my friend Sunita and her cousin Rohan, who were Pakistani Hindus. Then there were two Christian girls, Susan and Rose, who constantly had to defend themselves and their faith and their Lord Jesus.

The sole problem of Muslims all over the world is their inborn pride, their sense of superiority. They feel and they believe with all their conviction that they are the chosen ones who would surely end up in heaven reclining on comfortable couches made of gold and wearing silk and brocade. Drinking from the ever flowing rivers of wine, milk and honey. Screwing 72 whores, and if you are gay, you get boys as white as pearl to satisfy your deepest and darkest fantasies. Now, that is what I call the eternal paradise.

I always thought that I am not capable of hating anyone in this world, because I believed that hate is a very strong emotion and I never felt so strongly about anyone. I either loved, liked or disliked someone, or maximum, I would detest or abhor, but hate was something I never used for anyone until recently, when I experienced this strong sense of hatred deep down inside my very being, consuming every part of my heart, soul and mind. That hatred is for none other than Mohammed, the very same person whom I used to love with so much conviction that he was the most perfect human being ever born on the face of the earth. I don't think that anyone or anything could have inflicted so much pain, that it actually makes me cry out loud every day and every night. I just wish I could go to Medina, dig up his grave, pull him out and set his bones or whatever of him remains on fire. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him from the core of my heart.  If it weren't for him and his crazy make believe religion, the world would have been a very peaceful place indeed - a heaven on earth.


  1. Apostasy, and muslims kill you for that. Stay safe and may the real God bless you.

  2. The nearest ideology we can compare Islam to is that of Nazism. Even so, Islam has a 1400 year jump start.

    1. nazism has nothing to do with islam...mind you the Handshar division in bosnia does have something to do. Islam is degenerate Shiva linga worship...that is what the black stone is . As for the Nazis....they were being run by the Zen Tibet lodges and the Chinese/Sinese Hyperlodge.

      the theosophical society are hebrew mongols....seeking to eradicate the remaining black idiginous and white andromedan populatons from the planet and set up kingdom of jehovah-allah-yahweh-shaddai-sin-shiva DESTROYER

      shaddai is metatron, who is allah who is yahweh...all tied back into a Lunar source...the moon spacership from epsilon bootes....G H REES for more info. FREE HELLAS

    2. Don't forget the Grey aliens from Zeta Reticuli.....
      They will be running all the Baskin-Robbins'......

      :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

  3. There must be a troubling itch at the back of every muslim's skull, at least the ones who have made it out of the illiterate village, caused by the ever present reality of muslim inferiority, In virtually every enterprise humans engage in muslim dominated countries rank at the bottom of every scale. I'm sure they have fabricated rationalizations to explain this phenomna, but some must wonder. I believe this is the reason, or better one of the reasons for the gross over-reactions that are honour killing, murderous riots over real and imagined insults to their imaginary prophet and idiotic holy book.

  4. I haven't followed all your blogs but I notice here you reveal you are in Pakistan, which I didn't know from reading previous posts. All I knew before was you are in a Muslim majority country.

    I know you are highly intelligent, very fluent in English, successful at a multinational company, come from an educated family, live in a major city, drive a nice car, are somewhat of a loner, etc.

    Please be very careful because you may accidentally reveal too much about yourself. Really do appreciate what you are doing in revealing the inner life of Muslims.

  5. Alas, it would never have been peaceful. It wasn't in the world's nature and it doesn't show any signs of going that way either. If it had not been his words, it would have been someone else's.

    In case you think you are alone, I promise you that on the far side of the world there are many people thinking "I'd better not say anything, it will only start an argument and I'll lose my job". It's true that your situation is rather more serious and dangerous, but still, you are not alone.

    I've recently been in touch with Falun Gong adherents; they are having a very rough time in China despite being a bunch of hippies, much given to slow gymnastic exercises and paper folding. They are no threat to anyone at all but they are being systematically imprisoned and their families threatened.

    Even more surprisingly, there have been serious threats against Christians, at least as far as their jobs go - and this is in a theoretically free country. They are being bullied in to accepting moral values which go contrary to all their teachings.

    As far as I can tell the forces of intolerance are rising all over the globe. People who once might have held a private belief now wish to enforce that in the public realm, no matter how inconvenient it might be for everyone else.

    Do be careful; don't inadvertently identify yourself.

  6. That is the one major thing about Islam, it is Shiva linga worship....mind you totally perverted from what was practised by the Hindus who brought it over....Hubal, Allat Manat and Al Uzza who is Inanna daughter of NANNA who is SHIVA!!!! Nanna is Sin, who rides a mystical bull and has a crescent moon as its symbol.

    Allah is none other than Shiva....i know, mindblowing...the muslims cant handle the truth...besides, those words they use are sanskrit in origin

  7. Please, don't let hate linger in your heart. Hate hurts the hater far more than the hated. Please, instead, ask our LORD and Savior for peace, patience, and the ability to endure. Pray,that those you have developed any disdain for might have their eyes opened and their hearts changed. Pray, for mercy yourself, that you may not fall into the trap of self-righteousness, and that you might come off the victor over all temptations.

    God bless and strengthen you.

  8. Hello Liberated,

    One argument you could use,if the chance ever occurs is this one where it is conclusively shown the Allah-Mohammed in the Koran does not know what is in the OT.

    It is a very simple but effective argument:

    "Chapter 10:90-95 of the Koran has 2 False Assertions about what is in the Bible"


    "Sinan,the Greatest Architect of all Time of the Ottoman Empire,was a Christian who at 21 was Forced to become a Muslim"

  9. Dear Liberated-
    I would like to echo "Quiet Dave." Please be very careful with hate-To hate sin is one thing, but to hate people, even dead ones, such as Mohammed is different. Here are some thoughts on Hatred from the "The Handbook of Bible Application":

    KEY BIBLE VERSE: O Lord, shouldn’t I hate those who hate you? Shouldn’t I be grieved with them? (Psalms 139:21, tlb) Within strict limits, hatred can be an intense expression of loyalty. David’s hatred for his enemies came from his zeal for God. David regarded his enemies as God’s enemies, so his hatred was a desire for God’s righteous justice and not for personal vengeance. Is it all right to be angry at people who hate God? Yes, but we must remember that it is God who will deal with them, not us. If we truly love God, then we will be deeply hurt if someone hates him. David asked God to search his heart and mind and point out any wrong motives that may have been behind his strong words. But while we seek justice against evil, we must also pray that God’s enemies will turn to him before he judges them (see Matthew 5:44).

    BIBLE READING: Jonah 1:1-17 KEY BIBLE VERSE: But Jonah ran away from the Lord and headed for Tarshish. He went down to Joppa, where he found a ship bound for that port. After paying the fare, he went aboard and sailed for Tarshish to flee from the Lord . (Jonah 1:3, niv) Hatred may lead us to disobey God. Nineveh was a powerful and wicked city. Jonah had grown up hating the Assyrians and fearing their atrocities. His hatred was so strong that he didn’t want them to receive God’s mercy. Jonah was actually afraid the people would repent (Jonah 4:2-3). Jonah’s attitude is representative of Israel’s reluctance to share God’s love and mercy with others, even though this was their God-given mission (Genesis 12:3). They, like Jonah, did not want non-Jews (Gentiles) to obtain God’s favor. When hatred is shifted from the evil that people do onto the people themselves, even more evil has been generated.

    BIBLE READING: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 KEY BIBLE VERSE: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: . . . a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace. (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 8, niv) There is a time to hate. Timing is important. All the experiences listed in these verses are appropriate at certain times. The secret to peace with God is to discover, accept, and appreciate God’s perfect timing. The danger is to doubt or resent God’s timing. This can lead to despair, rebellion, or moving ahead without his advice. The capacity to hate can be a powerful motivation toward justice. When is there a time for hating? We shouldn’t hate evil people, but we should hate what they do. We should also hate it when people are mistreated, when children are starving, and when God is being dishonored. In addition, we must hate sin in our life—this is God’s attitude (see Psalm 5:5).

  10. I hate him, ooh I hate him, ooooh I hate him!!
    Very Bollywood indeed!

  11. Ah! I know you! You live in Islamabad, don't you?

  12. Thank you so much for the sympathy! It means a lot. Love and sympathy are always good ways to start a search for the truth.

  13. Dear Liberated,

    Well, I expect we all know that there has been hatred in the name of most, if not all, religions - rightly or wrongly according to a proper understanding of their teachings.

    But as to one's "good works", I'm sure you're aware that a central teaching of Christianity is that the only means to the Father is through the Son and that His single act of redemption covers the sins of all who come to Him.

    It's a clear, simple concept that provides absolute surety of one's Eternal future.

    "Works" measured against "wrongs" are a pretty vague and definitely unsure way of determining how God views us.

    Lately, I've been telling friends that the Church, the Body of Christ (all who know Jesus), is founded upon "God is love.", upon "the rule of love" and that we can only understand the Bible by better knowing God, Himself.

    My recommendation to all is to simply SEEK to know God, Himself, earnestly ad persistently - and all else will follow.


  14. Further, certainly Christians need to examine themselves. One older friend of mine constantly responded to me regarding Muslims "But they want to KILL us!" to which I responded "Where will they learn OF a foundation built on love if WE do not love them?" Likewise, my sister expressed irritation at me when I spoke to her excitedly about Sufi Muslims who believe in a PERSONAL relationship with Allah - contrary to much of Islam by my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong). She said "Why should we pray for THEM?"

    Sad. If Christianity is indeed founded upon love, where is the outward expression of it?

    Actually, there is a great deal around the world, but perhaps the lesson is that our flawed humanity so often gets in the way of what we learn to be the right thing.

    And I'm sure you know very well that Christians so often tear one another down. At least at THIS point in history we're not killing one another - but we certainly have in the past!

    Muslims, it seems, have taken over from us in that area.

    Whenever we become to sure of our own 'purity of thought' to the point that we believe it is appropriate to do away with all deviations and all who deviate, then we SHOULD know we're in deep trouble.

  15. As to thinking and hatred, Dear Liberated, I have more recently come aware that hatred is incapable of BUILDING and certainly not HEALING, while we know love can heal and provide foundations. I think in the 70's Brother Andrew (try a Google search and follow the Wikipedia link) wrote a book titled "Building in a Broken World", based on the book of Nehemiah. The title, alone, helped form a foundation for my thoughts about love vs. hatred.

    Indeed, I believe we MUST hate vile things. Things that destroy the lives of individuals, that subjugate them, that forcefully prevent them from living as free persons. So, it is clear that we each need to gain an understanding of fundamental right and wrong.

    Elsewhere I think you commented that most Muslims can't think. Well, by my experience, few people truly THINK at all!

    Here we see some discussion take place. Not all of it represents open minds and a closed mind precludes true thought. But at least there is participation!

    Also, we can be dedicated friends even when we have significant disagreements. The foundation there, perhaps a 'stealth' product of love, is called RESPECT. We honor others by our recognition that they are fellow humans with God-given uniqueness and God-given rights - even if they are atheists! :-)

  16. "If it weren't for him and his crazy make believe religion, the world would have been a very peaceful place indeed - a heaven on earth."

    Well, I wouldn't go that far. Even had Mohammed and Islam never existed, there still would have been plenty of evils and violence in the world, since humans aren't perfect.

    One thing we can say for sure, however, is that without Mohammed and Islam, at least a few hundred million would not have been massacred over the past 1,400 years (and continuing zealously in our present), and many hundreds of millions more of innocent people would not have suffered cruelly, often horribly, under the various forms of oppression, hatred and torture of Mohammedan rule in various regions of the world from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

    The way I see it, life is hard enough, and we have enough problems, without having to deal with sick fucks like Muslims (pardon my Arabic).

  17. Dear Liberator: I found this article of yours really interesting from the view point that you are describing the environment that you work and live in. I use to think that Islam was backward enough that the Muslims believe Quran contains words of God, and within the same breath they believe the ‘doctrine of abrogation’, by which later revelations cancel previous ones, as Qur’an confirms,‘revelations… We abrogate or cause to be forgotten’. Also, a Hadith from Sahih Bukhari confirmed that Muhammad forgot many verses.

    Further Sunaan ibn Majah, (1944) recorded that after Muhammad’s death some revelations were eaten by a goat. How divine words can be eaten, changed, cancelled or abolished, in spite of Allah’s specific claim in 10:64 and 6:34?

    The stuff that I cannot agree with you about you state you hate Mo. Hate is something very serious that the NAZI Germany practiced against the Jews and other non-native German races. Of course the Muslims practice hate in their homes about the others, as you described in your uncle's statements, My recommendation is to live a better enriched life now you are free. Find a way to move away from the Hate and find peace within your inerself (i.e. try to determine what you want and how to live a content life).

    Hate will make you mentally ill - you do not want any predisposed psychopath to make you ill 1400 years after he bit on the sand dunes - if he ever existed, that I doubt very much. If it wasn't for Mo there would been someone else. The ideology exists in people's mind, which is written by a bunch of people for control. Whether their source is named Mo or Flo that is irrelevent. It appears to be normal that we have/had people who mislead masses into God knows what. It is the price that we pay because more than 95% of us are gullible and there are enough deceivers. I love watching magic shows from the artistic view point - I know that the people are very clever making believe that is unreal and unnatural. It is simply an art form. I have learnt to do several tricks and it makes people go wow.. not possible ... it is simple fun.

    Instead of hating Mo, you should congratulate yourself that you have discovered he was a tricky-dicky. You should feel elevated, way above him, hence more like pity him than hating him.

    Most important, keep safe from the Muslims, no matter what it takes. These people are really sick and pathetically deceptive. Good luck.

    1. Nah. It's good and reasonable and healthy to hate Muhammad. Anyone who doesn't hate him, in fact, has some psychological and intellectual problems.

    2. WDR - As far as I can figure there is this ideology called Islam, and apparently it started several hundred years after its supposedly originator has died. The authors of the ideology took nearly hundreds of years to complete their work. They were the ones claim the original author is called Mohammed. There is no proof that Mo existed, if he existed, whether he was completely responsible for the works. Without any known hard facts it is wasted time to focus on someone which has no relevance today to the people who follow the ideology and flex the interpretations at whim.

      It is absurd to Hate because it brings nothing and you could end up making yourself psychologically ill. Another important point, when people are soaking in hate - which is a mental state as you also know - they do not and cannot think rationally. If not taken care, these people are known to become hate preachers, there is no difference to Hitler.

      I would never ever support Nazism and Islam. Both are equally evil ideologies. Hitler was responsible for implementing Nazism, that is definitely on the record. I have seen the evidence of it during several interest bound trips to Europe. However, there are no evidence, other than the Kuran suppose to be dictated by Mo, of existence or non-existence of Mo or if someone called Mohamed existed, what actual role he played in the writing of the Kuran - since he wasn't around when it was written and he was illiterate. Suppose out of the blue, Mo appears on the horizon, do you think any Muslim is capable of recognise him and will they follow him? I am 100% sure he will be charged with Blasphemy, because they are so wrapped up in hate they cannot see the wood for the trees. Every day the Muslims kill each other by the truck load. Have you noticed they ever ask our assistance to help solve the problem? They don't see hating others is a problem. We do.

  18. if you used to be muslim than what are you now?

  19. Hello Lib: In case your X-brethren (scouti) spring to an action start abusing this blog about how Muslims treat the women better than the rest, just remind them of a sample vid taken in Pakistan about the treatment of women :

    Since there is so much news about Quran burning in Afghanstan, I thought I post this how the Qurans are flushed - rightly may I add - in the sewer in Pakistan:

  20. Liberated mentioned Islamic bathroom hygiene, enforced even in an otherwise modern Western office building she visited.

    That reminds me of one of the 1,001 crazy rules of Islam. According to a Bukhari hadith, Mohammed instructed his followers to defecate neither facing Mecca, nor facing away from Mecca, but sideways in relation to Mecca.

    For more details, see my essay Perpendicular Pooping.