Monday, March 26, 2012

Some clarifications

I have been pretty clear about my background, but people seem still be to confused. I do not live in Pakistan, as some people assume, but in the Middle East, in fact, in a pretty liberal city in the Middle East where I can openly date a good looking, Western Christian man and no one would even bat an eyelid. Over here, most of the local Arabs love fucking around Filipinos and other Far Eastern women so they are not exactly in the position to judge me.

I go with John to bars and clubs on most weekends. We drink, dance and basically paint the town red, and so far no one ever had any objection, so I really do not know from where people got the idea that I would be killed or stoned or something for dating a non-Muslim guy. Gosh, this is really insane. For heaven's sake, I do not live in Saudi Arabia. Here we get alcohol and even pork, you just need a liquor and pork permit for that. In fact, this very moment, I have a few bottles of vodka and gin in my cupboard. This place is really cool to live in, as long as you do not openly say or do something blasphemous.

I have gone through a lot in my life, from being a not so observant Muslim to a pretty ok kind of Muslim woman who used to pray five times a day and fasting the whole month of Ramadan for most of my life. Then last year, I went through one of the most difficult times of my life and I gave up Islam and became an apostate at first, then a deist and then even an agnostic. In fact, I was almost on my way to being an atheist. I was far too hurt, bitter, resentful and extremely angry at Islam and Mohammed for making me live in fear and guilt all my life. He had created a fear of Allah, the angry, cruel and sadist Allah in the hearts and minds of Muslims. We were not human beings, but zombies who had a blind faith in an evil man who claimed to be the last prophet of God. It was right then when I had almost lost faith in God that I met the love of my life, John. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He made me start believing in God again. He just asked me one thing: do you hate Allah? I said, yes I hate Allah and I hate that son of a bitch Mohammed. He said, why do you hate Allah? I said, because he does not exist and whatever qualities Mohammed claims he has, they are not Godly at all. Then he asked me one very simple question: that if there is a God, how would you want him to be? What kind of qualities would you like to be there in your God? I said if a God truly existed, he would be kind, compassionate and forgiving. He would never take pleasure in torturing his creation in eternal hell. To which he replied, that is exactly the God we believe in. Our God has all those and many more such qualities.

He did not make me change my mind overnight, but yes he had a very important role in making be a believer again. I am not really that angry anymore and I am actually pretty happy these days, and you know what, losers like skouti cannot do anything to change that... I don't care what others think. If they want to think that I do not exist, fine, let them. In fact, it might prove to be better for me in the long run. No one can accuse me of blasphemy or execute me for apostasy because I do not exist. I am Robert Spencer's alter ego. So guys, keep on thinking that Shakila Khan does not exist. It suits me just fine...


  1. Shakira,

    Maybe you are just a dramatic kind of person, but what was the source of all the doom and desperation about leaving Islam if you live in a very cosmopolitan and tolerant city? Was it about your own fears of separating from your family? Was it an identity crisis? What are your feelings now towards your family and their piety?

  2. I feel happy for you Shakila and just in case,I hope that "John" is just a pseudonym for the gentleman,it is best to keep his real name a secret.

    You were feeling very sad but now you have met somebody to who you can say what your real thoughts are about Islam.Really,here in the West we non-Muslims have to be careful what we say about Islam because other non-Muslims could complain and get us fired or fined.

    There is a new blog by another ex-Muslim called "Youssef",here is one article by him:

    I am not against drinking though I scarcely drink but it is best not to ever drink,and pork has too much cholesterol.Again,happy you are happy.

    As for the reader's in general,check out this article:

    "Ali Dashti,Apostate of Islam,Tortured by Khomeini,Author of a Famous Book against Muhammad"

    1. "I don't care (shaw) what others (barry) think."

      There are so many blogs out there now that people are openly discussing similar topics.Although not directly relevant but interesting is "The View from Israel". Then there are others such as ""

      It is absurd to defend anything like that to be good in any manner you care to think. Here is another piece of garbage directly from an Imam's mouth. And the Muslims do not question and ask wtf is this dude talking about?

      I don't buy Islam is a religion, that it is trying to bring peace on earth, and that it can ever live in peace with the others or with itself. The evidence can be presented by a truck lode of "terror" bytes. That is also known as overwhelming evidence are available to verify Islam is not for the good of human race. Sure over one billion people are duped by it because they cannot think critically. It demonstrates to me that one in six person is not a critical thinker. Perhaps there are more who follow another religion without questions it - there sell is pitched about the path to the GOD (Good Old Dogma) and how to love IT. Love cannot be tought - it comes naturally. Some people care about it the others don't. The people who tread on it they miss out a hell of a lot in life. Love is the ultimate gift of life that nature produces for all living things.

      A little surprise for me about Shakila is that she is a secret apostate in a Middle Eastern country. Not many countries allow that kind of freedom except one.

      Have a great life.

  3. I'm sorry I didn't comment on your last post, Shakila. I just wanted to tell you how happy I was to hear about your new relationship and how much I hope it lasts a very long time. After all you have been through, you really deserve happiness in your life!

  4. My post was not meant to be a reply to anyone - sorry.

  5. hahahahah This is fucking terrible. 1 you seem fake, 2 you were OH so close to being on the right path (atheist or at the very least agnostic or Deist), 3 "That's exactly the type of god we believe in" ?!?!? wtf have you READ the bible? they are just as bad as the muslims and so on. Like I said, fucking terrible. Now piss off.

  6. ROFLMAO!!!! oh man, looks like I really got under jihad booby spencer's skin there a mention in the fake bloggers rant to boot......excellent :) :) :)

    A word of advice to the hapless spencer....if you are gonna create a apostate at least try to make it believable and really no need to keep on clarifying the fake blogger......we pretty much sussed she was a fake from the get go. even the die hard jihad watch regulars have seen this fake blog for what it is and abandoned it........shame huh booby boy, LOL :)

  7. Shakila, I'm not sure what to say on this thread. I can't comment on your personal life, that's your business. Your ontological outlook however seems to be something that's still open for discussion so long as it's not to do with Islam.

    If you were asking questions about what you're looking for in regards to life, the universe and all that, it might help some.

  8. Shakila,

    tho I'm an older guy now, my 'change' began around age 12 when I was put into a Lutheran parochial school and taught Luther's Small Catechism and a light comparison between Catholic and Lutheran doctrine. I thought both to be irrational, and the midset that we simply memorize verses and believe what we were TOLD didn't set well with me at all.

    Reading Ayn Rand beginning at age 15 convinced me God was a gangster (you'd have to know Rand), but someone gave me "Mere Christianity" by C. S. Lewis.

    SOMEWHAT like you, I moved TO atheist, then agnostic, then deist, somewhere along the line toying briefly with pantheism.

    Finally deciding to SEEK God was the next step - and essentially the final one that set me on my present lifelong journey.

    Ultimately, it is a VERY loving (and endlessly patient) Heavenly Father who seeks US and KNEW us all along. Knowing what we needed to learn and what we -needed- in order to finally come to know HIM.


  9. I see the grace of God at work in your journey and am very happy that John has come into your life and is helping you to see God in a new way. One comment however. Since God is good as you are now learning, although he delights in mercy, he also cannot and will not forever leave evil unpunished.

  10. Freedom is not drinking alcohol and eating pork. You'd lose your free thinking mind, if you drink alcohol. Would you stop to think, whether these animals, be they chicken, cows, goats, pigs want us to kill them? Do they need freedom too from us, the dangerous human species?

    You became free from a terrible psychopath's "religion", but have you become really free? Don't go to other extreme.

    Wish you luck!

  11. I would like to thank "shakila" for providing me to loads of laughs. I would also like to thank all the people who took her blog seriously and wrote to her.
    Honestly it has been a good laugh! From the bible thumpers who wanted her to be a Christian to the athiests and all the other islamophobes.
    So now that she is too busy for her blog because she is getting laid every which way but the right way!
    What have we learned????
    Firstly skouti is a legend and this whole blog has been about searching for cock!!!!

  12. Shakila,

    One last comment in this thread:

    I now know I rejected a God I did not KNOW. And I see that as what happens with many of us.

    The 'God' we SEE presented to us is something we cannot accept. It isn't until we find God, Himself, and realize that He is not only knowable, but that He WANTS to know us and have us know Him, that we finally learn of peace.

  13. You can be both an agnostic and a believer in God.

    Fanaticism is a disease that is potential in everyone -- like obsession. It works both ways.

    One can become obsessively atheistic; or one can become obsessively theistic and obsess about "purity" and come to believe you know the Absolute Truth and that your in-group (whatever religion or sect or cult you join whose members have convinced you through subtle bullying tactics masked as love and concern for your welfare) is the only group on Earth which "really" knows the Meaning of Life -- and so you have to follow their rules which they claim came straight from God.

    Follow your heart; that's where God dwells. And it simply is an irreducible mystery why the mind cannot fully grasp or illuminate God's presence in the heart. Doubt is an inescapable part of being human.

    Muslim fanatics are deathly afraid of doubt, because they believe it will lead them to leave Islam. And they're right -- only because Islam, more than any other ideology or religion in history and in the world today, is constructed on an obsession with certitude about the Absolute Truth and the Meaning of Life.

    Agnostic belief in God is a delicate balancing act, and often can be very difficult and painful to sustain. Dark nights of the soul, and all that. Wondering why oh why? The mystery of evil -- which includes the worst evil: many bad people succeeding happily, while many good people suffer pain, loss, loneliness, death, not to leave out the pain of loved ones suffering.

    Further reading:

    La vida es duda

    Ubi es, bene es.

  14. hey, i wanted to ask if you knew that by apostating you basically resigned yourself to eternity in hell? if you repent atleast you will get a shot at paradise. now wouldn't that be nice. eternity in heaven :3

  15. Eternity in hell ??? spare a thought for poor John being shacked with the fake blogger......Christ that is like being on death row but with absolutely no hope of the actual sentence being carried out :)

    Anj is spot on...fake blogger hasn't had COCK for over 40 years but hey when got a cupboard full of gin and vodka maybe she might get lucky, hehehehe

  16. The only stuff that Islamists are obsessed with: hell; cock; laid. They obviously can't figure the normal human elements. I guess that is too much of a challenge for the by-product of the inbreeds.

    You guys are so pathetic and mentally crippled by the Mo's dictates that you are literally incapable to see beyond the tip of your runny nose. You are static in your early teen years in expressing and thinking. You will remain like that for eternity unless you come out of your pathetic mindset. If I was a Muslim - thank f..k for that I never will be - I would be taking a micro-second of my time to ask myself for once, what is all this horse-scheiss that a$$Clown Imam keep pumping into my screwed-up brain "eternity in hell" is about and why would he want to do that? The Hell cannot exist - let you morons to figure that out you inbreed a$$-clowns. It is impossible that kind of shit to exist.

    However, the facts which are available to anyone cares to read and figure are blatantly ignored by Islamists and their supporters. Muhammad openly solicits the murder of his detractors (including a pregnant poetess and an octogenarian); he usurps his adopted son's wife; he defiles a 9 year old girl; he commands his followers to change the way they pollinate the date palms (a life-blood of 7th century Arabia), which results in a dramatic fall in yield...and which compels the "prophet" to admit that he screwed up and that his expertise is in religious matters only. So much for that almighty connection!

    When you search for any of the following key words, guess what - Quran or Islam pops up eternity times. That should make anyone think who is really doing the press-ups to go and get ready for "eternity in hell" - go figure you pathetic inbreed clowns:

    Possible Keywords:
    Acid attack
    Bacha Bazi
    Cultural Jihad
    Dar al-Harb
    Demographic Jihad
    Gang rape
    Honor Killing
    Lawfare and Litigation Jihad
    Perfect Man
    Stealth Jihad
    Street Jihad
    Sudden Jihad Syndrome
    Useful idiot

    Do you want me to add more to this list?

  17. and there you have a insight into dar schan's own lil space in HELL, bwahahahahaha

    he must be gutted to learn he has been duped by the fake blogger.....must SUCK for you......poor soul.....still good comedy for the rest of us so do carry on old boy :)

  18. skouti - "..Christ that is like being .."

    There appears to be a little Christ in you, right? How did you get dumped with Mo's mob?

  19. So we could take the piss out of you old boy......and the other hapless islam haters :)

    speaking of which, they have all disappeared and deserted the fake blogger. All that is left is YOU and a few bible thumpers

    don't get all picky there. post the full quote

    "Eternity in hell ??? spare a thought for poor John being shacked with the fake blogger......Christ that is like being on death row but with absolutely no hope of the actual sentence being carried out :)"

  20. So, does a Jew get to live in peace in that same city, or are the rules for us different?

  21. So, does a Jew get to live in peace in that same city, or are the rules for us different?

  22. I can't figure what makes people follow Islam because there is nothing sexy about Mo's character that can be worth any sort of admiration. The only explanation I can dig out some with misfortune are born into it. Some courgeous ones get the hell out of it once they see a tiny amount of light (shakila, a courageous woman). I guess you are stuck in the dark skouti. It is not surprising the Muslims are the most frusterated bunch around - judge it yourself - "laid, cock, hell" - that is all they can come up with. I've learnt a bit about the blackholes - they suck everything in their vicinity to a point of singularity - nothing can escape, not even anyone's imagination. Islam reminds me a little of blackholes - it doesn't let anyone's imagination escape - it keeps a firm grip on people's mind.

    Be courageous and leave. Don't be coward like the rest of the Muslims who are scared $hitless about hell or what have you.

    Skouti - it is impossible that hell can exist. No hell means no Islam. Have you ever thought of that? If you believe Islam then you believe in hell, a trick used on children to keep them in check appears to work on so called adults like you. Do you see the connection, or are you stuck in the think of it?

    Free yourself from the hellhole, dude. BE not maybe. Be a courageous man. Be free of all this mumbo-jumbo. The life has infinity variety and just as many ways to live it. It all belongs to the nature. The nature owns it, hence no one can answer any hard Qs.

    You can control your oun destiny once you take the responsibity for all your actions. Take care old man. Learn to take it easy, if you don't have many years left to live.

  23. oh man, that was one hell of a RANT from dar schan. Methinks he'd better start his own blog because the fake blogger, in her unhinged state, might do something really drastic :) :) :)

    Anway, couldn't help but notice that he avoided answering the following: why have the jihad watch mob deserted the fake blogger ?

  24. "It is not surprising the Muslims are the most frusterated bunch around - judge it yourself"

    skouti "couldn't help but notice that he avoided answering the following: why have the jihad watch mob deserted the fake blogger ?"

  25. looks like old boy dar schan has lost it there folks :) not surprising as he is all on his own with the fake blogger. even the bible bashers have abandoned jihad booby spencer's creation, LOL

    take heart old boy, only be a couple of weeks before the fake blogger is back with more nonsense, hehehehehe

  26. skouti: your repertoire of worthless bla bla has become stale.

    Let us discuss about Islam?

  27. got you hooked though hasn't it dar schan :) now that we have all agreed that this blog is a fake, next issue to address spencer's lack of qualifications in islamic studies. dar schan how do you explain this lack of expertise on spencers part ???

  28. skouti - "dar schan how do you explain this lack of expertise on spencers part ?"

    You know he is one of the most knowledgeable individual in the World about Quran and Islamic history. You are no competition for Mr. Spencer. However, I could be totally wrong. You ought to go on his site and challenge him that he is not qualified and give some reasons for your statement. I will put my wager on it - he will chew you up and spit you out in microseconds. Go a head and challenge him. Go ahead. I will bring my money right over there - obviously I like to see your money there too.

    Do you think you know more about Islam than Mr. Spencer since you ask that question?

  29. dar schan - spencer is "one of the most knowledgeable individual in the World about Quran and Islamic history"

    Really......seriously ? setting up a hate site like jihad watch and vomiting his bollocks doesn't make spencer an expert on Islam.

    Lets test how knowledgeable spencer is on Islam:

    1. Does spencer have any formal qualifications on Islamic studies ?
    2. Has spencer published any thesis on Islam which have been reviewed/verified by Islamic scholars
    3. Is spencer recognised as an Islamic scholar by other Islamic scholars

  30. skouti - "Really......seriously ? setting up a hate site like jihad watch and vomiting his bollocks doesn't make spencer an expert on Islam"

    The way I am brought up we never accuse the others unless we can back it up with a substance. I think you are thinking of a different Mr. Spencer than I am. Mr. Spencer of the JW never propagated hate that I ever read. I suggest you point to any of "HIS" text message that is not factual and he insinuate to hate anyone. On the other hand - go and visit your nearest Imam and ask him what is his opinion about Jews/Christians/women/Homosexuals/Atheists? Then ask him where does he get those strange ideas from?

    You obviously don't like Mr. Spencer - that is purely subjective. I disagree with most of your postings here about Shakila. I don't think you are stupid. I think you are unfortunately mislead individual. If you were not Muslim, you will show genuine care and affection for her decision. I don't give a crap if someone is Muslim or normal- when they need help I am there for them.

    1. Does spencer have any formal qualifications on Islamic studies ? - absolutely !

    2. Has spencer published any thesis on Islam which have been reviewed/verified by Islamic scholars - the problem here is with the definition - I call someone a scholar who can keep his/her focus on the questions asked and answer them unequivocally and unambiguously to be understood by the peers who can be extremely critical of the subject under scrutiny. It is impossible to find a scholar in Islam, because I can't imagine any critical thinker or real scholar is going to volunteer his/her neck for a worthless cause.

    3. Is spencer recognised as an Islamic scholar by other Islamic scholars - already answered above in 2.

    Islamic scholar is Oxymoron. If nobody is allowed to make critical analyses of something, that something can only have followers but never scholars. I can put forward a complete fail proof deduction process that HELL can never exist. I challenge anyone to produce a fail proof process that shows HELL exists. Your Quran says it exists - no big deal anyone can write that, but that is not fail proof.

    Do this imaginary experiment: let a very small pebble fall to the floor from about an inch above the ground - no amount of prayers by over billions of people is able to stop it falling.

    You can repeat the experiment with a lot smaller pebble, lets say from about billionth of an inch above the ground. The prayers will have no effect on the fall no matter how infinitesimally small the distance and the size of the pebble is used. I conclude the prayers are waste of time - no one is listening to them accept your innerself. That means you are deceiving yourself by not testing what you preaching.

    Ta ta - got to go and cuddle my sweat heart.

  31. I am a Catholic from the U.S. and I want to believe you. But, in all honesty, your English is perfectly grammatical and colloquial and I ask myself how anyone might have learned American English so perfectly if he/she were not born in the U.S.

  32. "1. Does spencer have any formal qualifications on Islamic studies ? - absolutely !"

    Care to list spencer's qualifications on Islam, any degrees, Masters, PHDs in Islamic Studies etc. by all accounts the only degree spencer has is in catholicism and thats about it. So we can say with absolute certainty that spencer has no formal qualifications on Islamic study

    " the problem here is with the definition "

    No, the problem is that spencer has been found out for the islam hating person he is. He has not published any thesis/papers/PHDs on Islam that have been reviewed by other Islamic Scholars.

    To give dar schan a simple example - you would not allow a surgeon to operate on you if the surgeon did not hold a medical degree. same logic applies to spencer, he cannot claim to be an expert on Islam if he has no formal qualifications or has not even studied Islam to the extent that he has had any works published or reviewed by Islamic peers. Must be a very weird definition that spencer and dar schan uses to claim that spencer is an expert on Islam.

  33. skouti - "you would not allow a surgeon to operate on you if the surgeon did not hold a medical degree"

    I wouldn't let a surgen near me no matter how many medical degrees he/she has. I'll assess a surgen with how many years of experience he/s has and what is his/her success rate. The same prinicple applies to Experts In a Religion.

    RS has an MA in Religious Studies. Islam is a religion in a small part. He is fully qualified to analyse a religion. His practical experience in Islam consists of Director Of Jihad Watch; author of TEN books about Islam - including two NY Times best sellers; he led seminars on Islam in Pentagon and other Governmental agencies; he is a weekly columnists for a anti-Jihad Magazine; he has lectured; discussed about Islam throughout the Western world in more than fifteen countries and 20 Universities and so on and so forth. He is more qualified than any Imams that you can listen to. They never judge Islam. They parrot fashion the Quaran like millions of Muslims are taught to do. What is scholary about that?

    The Muslims have many problems. They think they are worthy more than the others. They demonise the people they are not capable of judging. It is not only you - there are other Muslims like you believe that Robert doesn't know much about Islam. I have seen Robert debating Islam with the so called Islamic scholars - and he floors them. He sticks to the points. The so called Islamic scholars slip slide away into some fantacy world and concoct figures and stories at a whim. Did you notice how Islamic Imams concocted the Islamic population in the USA to 12 Millions instead of the real figure of about 2.2 Millions? Imams do not read books except Quaran.

    Have you read any of Robert's books? Tell us where does he mislead anyone?

  34. "The same prinicple applies to Experts In a Religion"

    Well that kinda rules spencer out entirely doesn't it. by your own yardstick, spencer has been an abject failure. shunned where ever he much so that his website - jihad watch is classed as a HATE site and by all accounts is banned by some companies. folks like spencer get invites then when hosts find out what an odious person he is, they withdraw the invite. he not recognised as an authority on Islam by any academic institutions or has any formal qualifications on Islam (sorry but a degree in religious studies doesn't count). how many Scholars on Islam actually agree with spencer ? None. to be considered an expert of any subject or field, you would need formal academic qualification in that field. spencer has NONE as far as Isalm is concerned

    1. "how many Scholars on Islam actually agree with spencer ?"

      Actually all. Spencer takes his opinions from the Islamic Scholars, not modern Muslim apologists, who either know very little about Islam or just lie and engage in Taqqiya or deception.

      For example all 4 schools of Islamic jurisprudence agree that "blasphemy" against Muhammad is punishable by death, that apostates should be killed.

      From Spencers article "When Muhammad's words are not Islamic":

      "Islamic authorities generally base the death penalty for apostasy in two Qur'anic verses, 2:217 and 4:89. Here is 2:217:

      They ask thee concerning fighting in the Prohibited Month. Say: "Fighting therein is a grave (offence); but graver is it in the sight of Allah to prevent access to the path of Allah, to deny Him, to prevent access to the Sacred Mosque, and drive out its members." Tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter. Nor will they cease fighting you until they turn you back from your faith if they can. And if any of you turn back from their faith and die in unbelief, their works will bear no fruit in this life and in the Hereafter; they will be companions of the Fire and will abide therein.
      What does it mean that the works of those who "turn back from their faith and die in unbelief" will "bear no fruit in this life" as well as in the next? Let's go for an answer to the Tafsir al-Qurtubi, a classic and thoroughly mainstream exegesis of the Qur'an. About 2:217, Qurtubi says this:

      Scholars disagree about whether or not apostates are asked to repent. One group say that they are asked to repent and, if they do not, they are killed. Some say they are given an hour and others a month. Others say that they are asked to repent three times, and that is the view of Malik. Al-Hasan said they are asked a hundred times. It is also said that they are killed without being asked to repent.
      Did you notice one option that Qurtubi never mentions? That's right: he never says anything like "some say the apostate should not be killed." The only point of contention seems to be how long the Muslim must wait before he kills the apostate.

      Meanwhile, 4:89 says this:

      They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they). But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (from what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks.
      Thus those who have fled from what is forbidden, i.e., embraced Islam, should be killed if they "turn renegades." The Tafsir al-Jalalayn, another venerable and respected commentary on the Qur'an, explains that a Muslim should not trust these people "until they emigrate in the way of God, a proper emigration that would confirm their belief" -- that is, if they leave their homes to join up with the Muslims. "Then, if they turn away, and remain upon their ways, take them, as captives, and slay them wherever you find them." Here again, no attempt is made, in this Qur'an commentary or any of those that Muslims revere as trustworthy, to explain that this does not actually mean that one should kill the "renegade."

      Hasan focuses narrowly on the Qur'an. He never mentions, although he surely must know, that Muhammad said "Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him" (Bukhari 9.84.57) and that this statement in the Hadith (in which it appears several times) became the foundation for the unanimous verdict of all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence: the apostate must be killed."

  35. OMG, another Islam Hating Loon crawls out of the woodwork. Glad to have you out of the closet richie......guess you must be an "expert" on Islam too :) Do you know what the punishment is for a fake apostate like shakila ? RIDICULE , bahahahahaha!!!!

    only two things pre-occupy the fake blogger

    1. making sure she has enough vodka and gin in her cupboard
    2. get mounted DOGGY style by the jesus freak john, LOL

    1. skouti the traditional Muslim woman, subjugated, poorly educated and draped in black curtains are not much fun for the Muslim men, so they turn to western women, who are allowed under Islam. When they cant find western women they turn to raping children, which is allowed under Islam. When they cannot find children, they turn to animals, such as donkeys and goats, which are allowed under Islam.

      Muslims are the most sex starved people, with Pakistan being the most sex-starved among the lot.

      "If there are no children available, an animal will do:

      A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.

      Khomeini's book, "Tahrirolvasyleh" fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990

      "If one commits the act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrement become impure, and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed and as quickly as possible and burned."

      The Little Green Book, Sayings of Ayatollah Khomeini, Political,

      Philosophical, Social and Religious, ISBN number 0-553-14032-9, page 47"

      I suggest that you leave children alone and do it doggie style with a donkey or preferably with a camel, who would have a good chance of fighting back and perhaps ending your sex starved misery.

  36. See how easy it is to yank richie bwoy's chain, bwahahahahahaha :)

    must burn him bad not to get a mention from the fake blogger.....poor richie :) :) :)

  37. skouti - "fake blogger, fake blogger, fake blogger, fake blogger ...bla bla bla ..."

    The blogger you think is fake, is as real as any one gets, because that stuff is not written by a robot but a real person. I think it is strange you don't question the fake Prophet who deceited you and your entire family since you are born? Oh no .. that will hurt your sensitivity a way too much. You are a bad loser - from what I see your chums are just as much bad losers. Go back to Fackstan where your heart and soul belongs.

  38. We have established that the only real person writing this blog is robert spencer. notice how spencer no longer links this fake blog to jihad watch......too funny :)

  39. محترمہ اگر واقعی پاکستان سے ہیں تو اردو کا اثر کچھ نہ کچھ ہو ہی گا-

    - - -

    لماذا انت لا تكتبين باللغة العربية؟ كما تقولين، قد عشت في العرب لمدة عشرين و خمسة سنة