Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The cat is out of the bag -- part two

I am overwhelmed with the response that I got on my last post, and it feels wonderful to know that people who I have never met and who don't even know my real name are so concerned about my safety. Well, rest assured that I am absolutely safe.. I am sure most of you must have guessed that I live in UAE, not Saudi or Kuwait or Iran, or worse still, Afghanistan and Pakistan. This country is too westernised and far too eager to be in the good books of dear old uncle Sam. There is a nightclub and bar in every area and alcohol is freely available, but you need a liquor permit for that, which, by the way, I happen to have, even though I have a Pakistani passport and am a Muslim on paper. There has never been a case of honor killing in this country and not likely to be one now. So please, my dear friends and well wishers, rest assured that I am fit and fine and my family are not going to kill me and jeopardize their future.

Both my brothers have good stable jobs and so do their wives. They live in luxurious apartments and their children attend private British schools. They both have four wheel drive cars and so do their wives. They travel to Europe or the far east every summer. Do you honestly think they would risk losing all that and get deported to Pakistan or put behind bars? There is no way they would forsake their heavenly luxurious lives for anything or anyone, and yes, that means not even for Allah or Mohammed. As far as my parents are concerned, they don't have a penny of their own. My dad is retired and mom a housewife all her life. My two brothers and I support them financially. By the way, I write cheques and give them to my parents every few months. In fact the last time I spoke to my mom, on Saturday, when I told her about my apostasy, the last thing she did before hanging up was to remind me that December is the last cheque she has. I assured her that I will write cheques for the next six months and send the envelope to her with my company driver. So you see, it's next to impossible that my family would kill the hen which lays the golden eggs.

Ok, let's go back to the conversation I had with my mom on Saturday. I made it very clear to her that I left Islam last year in October, four months before I met John, so there is no way they would link my apostasy to him. They know we been together since February and he came to the country in January, so his life is no danger at all.  To be honest, the phone call with my mom didn't end that bad, at least not as bad as I had expected. In fact, I almost felt she actually understood why I did what I did. She was in a shock, no doubt, but she never said don't call me again. When I was telling her about Mohammed and how he made it all up and he invented Islam just for his own benefit and financial gain, she never said she doesn't want to hear about it. In fact she said she is too old to even consider doubting Islam and she wants to spend rest of her remaining life in peace. I didn't tell her openly that I am a Christian now lest she blames John for proselytizing me, but I did say to her that even though I may not believe in Allah and Mohammed anymore, I still do believe in God but he is just a different God from yours and he is more loving. He doesn't teach violence and he says to love everyone. I told her more than once that John has nothing to do with my leaving Islam and he is just a catalyst which helped me to come out, or else I might have ended up being a closeted apostate rest of my life. John's life is not in danger because now he is no longer in the picture for them. They are just very sad, disheartened and disappointed in me, that how can our daughter or sister do this after being such a pious Muslim all her life.

The phone conversation with my mom proved to be very constructive and I have a gut feeling it won't be the last.

The best thing out of all this is my mood swings are not as bad. I don't feel like crying all the time because that burden is finally off my chest. I no longer have to pretend anymore, in fact, the last two nights I have slept really well. I haven't felt this light hearted since I left Islam last year. I no longer have to pretend being a Muslim and I don't have to hear those lectures about going to hell and offending Allah, because now they know I don't believe in Allah or Mohammed anymore. Now my brothers and their wives won't forward me stupid hadeeth or ayaats because they know it means nothing to me anymore. So in a way, I am relieved that finally I can live an honest life, no more pretense.

I am actually happy...


  1. Can't wait for the cat out of the bag.....part 3 LOL

    "I am sure most of you must have guessed that I live in UAE"

    No shit SHERLOCK!!!! rest assured oh faked one, you were clocked fairly quickly by all concerned, hehehehehe

    after all you are not the sharpest TOOL (still a TOOL though) are you :)

    "There has never been a case of honor killing in this country and not likely to be one now"

    Well one can live in hope......snicker!!!!

    "I am actually happy... "

    won't stop you HATING will it ? oh does this mean you and jesus freak johnny are FUCKIN each other again.....or is he still holding back for fear of SINNING ?

    1. You are so pathetic. Rather than address the actual reasons and problems that led this troubled soul to seek out the truth, you can only insult and laugh like a 5-year-old.

      Truly, the replies of Muslims to her posts have the only effect of making her case even stronger. Grow up.

    2. pathetic am I darling ? As pathetic as you are for being fooled into this fake blog hmmmmmm ?

      If only you asked why before you swallowed the bullshit from spencer/sina

      think about it.......but not hard otherwiase you will do yourself an injury :)

    3. I have read first-hand the Qu'ran, the Hadith, the Siraat, the Tareekh, several Tafseers and more - so I know my bullshit probably better than you.

      Insulting and yelling in frustration won't help you - the truth is out there, and there is nothing that Muslims can do to silence it - get over it.

    4. " have read first-hand the Qu'ran, the Hadith, the Siraat, the Tareekh, several Tafseers and more - so I know my bullshit probably better than you."

      All evidence to the contrary, LOL. Well here is yer chance to shine sweetheart.......hit us with a pearl of yer wisdom about Islam then

      It should be a blast :)

    5. Don't change subject - it was YOUR post to lacks any constructive feedback, calling Liberated a "fake" without evidence, not mine.

      The internet is full of ex-muslims, this is just one of the many - so why this frivolous rant? Don't you accept the possibility of Muslims rejecting Islam on the grounds of its teachings concerning - among the other things - apostasy?

    6. "calling Liberated a "fake" without evidence"

      Bet you haven't read this BS blog from start to finish have you ? plenty of evidence of how fake this blogger is in there. Telling even some of the most ardent supporters of spencer/sina doubted the veracity of this so called ex-muslim......you know you in trouble when yer own supporters start to question you. then poor spencer/sina had to issue clarifications (even now) and the hilarity began.

      "Don't you accept the possibility of Muslims rejecting Islam on the grounds of its teachings concerning - among the other things - apostasy?"

      Oh no doubt there are plenty of ex-muslims just as there are plenty of ex-christians etc

      just knowing who are real or not......wink!!!

      but if you believe its real right here then knock yerself out :)

    7. Circular argument. A staple of debating with Muslims.

    8. IRONY ANYONE? Emanuele even ?

      Say suttin ? :)

      Come on don't give up now, especially since you are doing so well

      Too easy to deal with these Islam hating Scum

    9. When are you going to wake up and realize people are leaving Islam in droves. There is not a day I don't receive an email from someone saying they have stopped believing in Islam but fear for their lives if they tell it to anyone. It is only a matter of time that the number of the apostates become larger than the believers and then you fools have to go into hiding.

      Ali Sina

    10. OMG, the co-creator of this fake blog has finally turned up, LOL

      " It is only a matter of time that the number of the apostates become larger than the believers"

      Yeah keep tellin yerself that :)

      here knock yourself out on the comments of your erstwhile supporters......they don't believe the blogger is real either


      say suttin

    11. ali sina or john sina ,this girl wasn't searching for truth but she was searching for sex and a safe place to hook.
      her family are all pimps, what would they worry about?they have a hooker that lays golden eggs ....YO CAGED ONE STILL LOOKIN FOR THE TRUTH OR YOU JUST FOUND ONE! huhahahahahhaaaaa
      this was moi reacting on this fake cagged qui crois that I'll be fooled like toi!

  2. LO, Isn't it possible to ban freaks like skouti from your blog?

    1. satan !!! see guys why do u think satan would support this fake blogger? because he knows how evil she is! yes , and he really enjoys reading about her evil new plans

  3. You don't have to be a Christian to believe in God. I was a Christian. No More. Be careful of Christians too. They justify creepy things too.

    1. I am more an atheist than anything else, but not all Christians are creepy. Many of them are but there are also many who are genuinely good and decent people and they faith is not a wacky. I think you can be a good decent Christian and see nothing wrong in that.

    2. So u see nothing wrong being a good decent christian but u see everything wrong about a good decent muslim? Look ur page should not be called faith freedom... it should be called 'i hate islam' page bcoz u r clearly a very bias man. Every person with a healthy mind can see that.

  4. my god more dumb shit ,and more old farts here!
    christians do us a favour and kill yourselves for our sins,you know we're great sinners

    1. "christians do us a favour and kill yourselves for our sins,"
      and that is difference between a christian and a muslim. Mulims always wish for death of their enemies as you have proven my point while we pray that our enemies will have mercy from god.

      but seeing you are you resort to using sites like answering christianity.com which claims adam is 90 feet tall due to earth was once smaller but has no idea it contradicts g=GM/(R^2) gravity formula

      your credibility is really limited for using that site.

    2. why not ,answering christianity is created to answer spiteful doubtful christians like you .But man I don't only uses that site .Now can you tell me why did you generalize? I'm the one who said: "christians do us a favour and kill yourselves for our sins," , not all the muslims of the world,see! that's how ignorant people do ,JUDGE ISLAM by some terrorists like me!huhhahhah

  5. Guess the cat is truly out of the bag, LOL

    check out the comments esp the ones where the fake blogger is caught out :)


  6. Sister,

    I don't think I had read your blog before today and did not realize that you are not only an apostate from Islam, but now a Christian. I praise God that you have found the real Prince of Peace.

    I note again how Muslims attack you with sexually degrading language and no shame. It is the sad character of Islam and what that evil religion does to human hearts. But we are commanded to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. This is because our Savior also prayed for his persecutors. By praying for our enemies and loving them out hearts are cleansed of evil and we become more like Jesus.

    Grace and Peace to you.